ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException im maven-project-info-reports-plugin

Maven provides lots of tools regarding Java projects. One of the features is automatically generating HTML-sites using mavens site goal.

Today I was facing a problem regarding the page generation, which was using the maven-project-info-reports-plugin. This plugin was failing somewhere deep in the internals with an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in maven-project-info-reports-plugin:

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
    at org.apache.maven.doxia.module.xhtml.XhtmlSink.tableCell(

A short research brought to light, that the maven-site-plugin was to old. To use a more recent version in your project, add the following to your pom.xml:

   <!-- Version 2.3 oder neuer wird für das maven-project-info-reports-plugin benötigt -->
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