Brother DCP-585CW scanner on Linux

After my old printer broke down I replaced it using a network enabled printer. This enables every device in the local network to use the printer. The Brother DCP-585CW featured a good cost effectiveness, supports Wi-Fi, brings a scanner and last but not least offers Linux support.

So I tried to set up the scanner on Linux. As mentioned Brother provides official drivers for Linux themselves and describes in detail how to install the driver. Sadly I just couldn’t get any connection to the scanner. The guide on ubuntuusers didn’t help, but I found the solution in the Gentoo forums:

Add the following line to your /etc/sane.d/dll.conf:


This allowed me to finally use the scanner. Last but not least I found a difference to my previous scanner (an Epson): The options of “scanimage” seem to be provided by the backend. The Epson scanner used ‘–mode=Lineart’, while the Brother scanner used ‘–mode=”Black & White”‘.

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